Without dredging up painful past memories, meditating in purple hemp pants, or or falling for 'miracle cures' that vanish faster than your motivation on a Monday morning.

Tonic is a proven method for achieving profound nervous system regulation and emotional resilience resulting in more calm, less pain, a quieter mind, and better sleep in just 30 days. It’s everything you need to really start living again.


*Over 700+ humans healing


My name is Sukie and I'm here to tell you that there is a simple but powerful method that is being used by high-functioning professionals facing burnout just like you to go from being anxious and overwhelmed to feeling calm and in control without packing their schedules full of complicated solutions so that they can enjoy a more peaceful, easy life and thrive both professionally and personally.

These science-backed principles deliver rapid stress relief and razor-sharp mental focus, along with lasting calm, decreased muscle tension, better sleep and heightened creativity — all without the need for time-consuming or costly interventions.

Developed through more than fifteen years of research and clinical practice, this methodology effectively addresses chronic anxiety, stress, and burnout through a structured approach that results in a more regulated nervous system and an increased sense of inner peace and balance within 30 days. And you don't have to spend years in therapy, meditate for hours, journal every day or engage in exhausting self-help research.


This isn't just about having too many emails or back-to-back meetings. It's the constant buzz in your mind, the sleepless nights spent overthinking projects or client needs, and the never-ending rush of adrenaline you've come to accept as normal. If you find yourself irritable with colleagues, inexplicably exhausted despite a full night's sleep, or grateful to be stopped at a long red light because at least you're not at work yet, it's definitely time to pause and reassess.

You've achieved everything you were supposed to want—prestige, salary, respect. But here’s the secret you’re just starting to admit: you’re successful but secretly miserable. You’re excelling in a career that doesn't light you up, driven by a mix of societal approval and the fear of letting others down. The harder you work to prove your worth, the more you feel like an imposter, trapping yourself in a cycle of success that leaves you feeling hollow. It's a success, yes, but it’s not yours. And deep down, you know it.


Enter Tonic—your 30-day guide to turning down the noise and tuning into your true self. This is more than just stress relief -- it’s a path to rediscover and realign with your genuine desires and values. Tonic offers daily neurosensory practices specifically designed to rewire your nervous system, calm the chaos, and stop anxiety from driving your life choices.

The proven method for regaining calm, clarity and resilience, long term.


Instant Calm

Effortlessly find calm, feel centered, and stay grounded, no matter what comes your way.

Rapid Nervous System Reset

Effectively settle your nervous system on demand for optimal mental and physical health.

Enhanced Resilience

Boost your ability to handle life's challenges with greater ease and efficiency.

Powerful Results

Benefit from gentle, yet potent, somatic practices in less time than it takes you to check your email every day.

Energy And Focus

Quickly decompress and sharpen your focus, snagging those precious moments to recharge even during your busiest days.

Effective Anxiety Relief

Control feelings of anxiousness and prevent them from impacting your life, work, and relationships.

With Tonic -- the proven method for regaining calm, clarity and resilience, long term.









Hello, I'm Sukie Baxter and I'm an equestrian, entrepreneur, and healer who is deeply passionate about how we humans craft a vibrant and meaningful existence in our complex, imperfect world.

Today, I lead a creative and satisfying life, immersed in my passions, surrounded by nature, and engaged in work that truly fulfills me.

But it wasn't always this way. My journey to this enriching and joyful state was neither direct nor easy.


From a young age, achievement was my drug of choice. I pushed myself relentlessly, striving for excellence in academics, sports, and later, in my career at a tech company. There, I climbed the ranks swiftly, my life a carousel of success by conventional standards. Each promotion and achievement seemed to confirm I was on the right track. Yet, beneath the surface of this apparent success, I was unraveling.

Despite achieving what many would consider the pinnacle of success, I found myself profoundly unhappy. I discovered I had been driven by a vision of success that society painted for me—I was achieving everyone else's dream, yet I felt increasingly hollow. My professional life was a paradox—externally successful and internally desolate.

Surrounded by colleagues who seemed equally miserable—sacrificing their health and personal lives for the sake of productivity—I began to question everything. Was this relentless grind truly the "good life" we had all worked so hard to achieve?


It was supposed to be just another method to manage the physical strain of athletic rigor and long hours at a desk, but it transformed everything. This approach didn't just alleviate my discomfort; it recalibrated my entire being. I began to see the world with newfound clarity and vibrance. For the first time, I felt truly present in my own life.

Emboldened by this discovery, I made the audacious decision to leave the tech world behind. I delved into the study of bodywork, fascinated by the profound connection between physical health and emotional well-being.

Eventually, I opened a holistic bodywork practice, aiming to help others like myself—high-functioning professionals caught in the relentless pursuit of success at the expense of their health.


I knew there were millions out there, just like me, yearning for a way out of their physical and emotional confines. This realization led me to start my YouTube channel, initially as a way to reach those who could not come to my practice in person.

The leap to digital content was fraught with challenges and the path was lonely. My mentors, entrenched in their traditional ways, could not envision my holistic approach. They advised me to stick to the physical, the tangible. But my gut told me otherwise. My instincts urged me to share the holistic message that had so profoundly impacted my life.

Then the pandemic struck. Literally overnight, I lost everything. The brick-and-mortar practice I’d painstakingly built over more than a decade evaporated in an instant—along with my income. I lost my home, my two best friends, my close community; even my boyfriend left, and my cat died.


I doubled down on my commitment to share my message and to my amazement, it resonated deeply, striking a chord with a global audience tired of superficial solutions.

People from all walks of life reached out, sharing stories of their own struggles with anxiety, exhaustion, and physical pain. It was clear: this conversation was necessary, and it was far-reaching.

This journey has been one of immense personal growth and adaptation. Stepping into the unknown, I've had to learn new skills rapidly—from video production to digital marketing. But more importantly, I've learned to trust in the power of my own voice and the insights gleaned from years of both personal and professional experience.

Today, I continue to share my journey and insights, not just as a healer, but as a fellow traveler on the path to wellness. Through my signature programs, I offer not just tools, but a new perspective on health and happiness. It’s a path that has led me not only back to myself but has allowed me to guide others to do the same.


It’s a tapestry woven from the threads of everyone who has joined me along the way. Together, we redefine what it means to live successfully—measured not by accolades and income, but by health, happiness, and the richness of our daily experiences.


Tonic is more than a recovery program—it's a journey to empowerment. This program equips you to discern between external pressures and your true desires, enabling you to make decisions from a place of strength and authenticity. It's time to shed the facade of conventional success and rebuild your life on a foundation of genuine self-alignment.



  • Starting each day with renewed purpose and inner peace, waking up ready to tackle your responsibilities with a fresh outlook.
  • Feeling peaceful and in control, as if you're finally steering your own life, making decisions with confidence and ease.
  • Relieving the stress and tension in your shoulders, allowing you to relax fully, breathe deeply and enjoy pain-free posture.
  • Standing tall and exuding confidence, replacing hunched shoulders with a self-assured posture.
  • Actually living your life instead of feeling like you're watching it pass you by on a movie screen.
  • Forging deeper connections with your loved ones to foster genuine, heartfelt relationships that bring joy and fulfillment.
  • Living authentically and unapologetically, embracing your true self and making life choices that reflect your personal values and aspirations.
  • Trusting and following your intuition, making decisions that feel right and contribute to a fulfilling and purposeful path.
  • Eliminating constant tension headaches, freeing your focus for productivity at work and presence with family.
  • Navigating life with agility and vitality, moving gracefully and energetically, feeling vibrant at any age.
  • Cutting down on endless appointments, taking back control of your health and vitality, reducing your dependency on external fixes.

Imagine this: relief from anxiety, a mind at peace, a profound sense of being present, and feeling grounded—all from a few straightforward exercises.

Sounds like a late-night infomercial promise, right?

We often think that transformative solutions have to be as complex as a space shuttle launch—expensive, time-intensive, and ultimately, a little disappointing when they don’t propel us into orbit.

But here's a refreshing reality check:

Easing anxiety and finding calm doesn't need to be an epic saga. You don’t need a PhD or a retreat in the Himalayas. It’s about getting to know your nervous system—no complicated treatments required.

Enter the world of neuroplasticity.

It's not just a cool word your nerdy friend drops at parties—neuroplasticity is your brain’s ability to adapt and change, regardless of age.

Tonic lets you leverage this to effectively reshape your physical and mental health landscape.



You're looking for a quick fix without putting in the work

You're not open to exploring new techniques or trying approaches that take you out of your comfort zone

You prefer traditional talk therapy

You're comfortable with your status quo and aren't ready for change

You need one-on-one coaching -- Tonic is entirely self-paced, giving you flexibility in schedule and pacing but zero hand holding

You are looking for medical treatment. Tonic is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you have a medical condition requiring professional care, please consult a healthcare provider.

You expect overnight success without dedication or consistent effort

You don't want to invest twenty minutes per day into your health and healing

You prefer passive learning of information without any active practice

You are not open to introspection and self-awareness



Burnout from a demanding career has left you feeling exhausted and unfulfilled

Feelings of being an imposter are holding you back despite your achievements and you need to build up your self worth

Anxiety in social settings or stressful situations impacts your daily life and relationships and you envision a life where you feel calm, centered, and at ease

You desire both intuitive methods and scientific validation for your healing practices

You understand that physical and mental health are interconnected and believe in healing the body to heal the mind

You are committed to making a long-term transformation in your mental and physical well-being

You struggle with sticking to a practice despite knowing it benefits you -- Tonic's structured format can help maintain consistency

You crave a structured approach with a clear, step-by-step system to follow that allows you the flexibility to learn and practice at your own pace

You want to make decisions from a place of strength and authenticity rather than fear and obligation

You want to build the emotional resilience to connect with yourself and others authentically


They're meticulously designed to disrupt ingrained tension patterns, release stored trauma, and soothe your nervous system.

Most anxiety treatments focus on changing thoughts and emphasizing positivity, but your state of mind is not solely determined by thoughts alone.

Your body is in constant communication with your brain, assessing your safety in various situations. This survival mechanism is crucial for protection when danger is present.

However, when your body remains stuck in an alarmed state, your brain interprets it as a perpetual threat, even when there is none. This leads to chronic stress, worry, and anxiety.

While shifting thoughts can help your conscious mind manage stress, it overlooks the non-verbal cues of your biology, particularly your autonomic nervous system.

Thankfully, there's a straightforward way to influence your brain through body-based practices. By engaging your neural pathways and sending sensory signals of safety, you can effectively communicate with your brain.

That's precisely what Tonic is designed to do. This program equips you with the tools to calm your nervous system, break free from chronic stress, and build a foundation of true self-alignment and inner peace.

*Forever access included

You'll be amazed at how quickly your mind relaxes, tension melts away, and self-doubt begins to fade—often within just a few days. Imagine, after a few weeks of practice, feeling happier, lighter, and more energetic.

I know it might sound almost too good to be true, but that’s the power of these simple yet transformative practices.

In just one month, you can experience the profound benefits of a more regulated nervous system on your physical and mental health!


Chronic anxiety takes a significant toll on your mental and physical health, and it deeply affects your relationships. It keeps you trapped in self-doubt and imposter syndrome, making you miserable on the inside, despite outward success.

The cost of living with anxiety is high—not just financially, but in the precious moments of life you miss out on, feeling like an observer rather than an active participant.

You may think you can handle it on your own, but why wait until it's too late?

Researching solutions on your own is time-consuming and frustrating, often leading to dead ends and more anxiety.

Seeing multiple therapists might offer temporary relief, but it's expensive and time-consuming, and it often fails to address the root of the problem.

Living with anxiety is debilitating and demoralizing. It drains your mental energy and hinders your ability to work and live fully, leaving you feeling burned out and unfulfilled.

So, what is your life worth?

For just $399, you can invest in life-changing exercises that will start alleviating your anxiety today.

Don't let anxiety hold you back any longer. Reclaim your life with Tonic and begin your journey to true self-alignment and inner peace.


Enter Tonic—your 30-day guide to turning down the noise and tuning into your true self. This is more than just stress relief -- it’s a path to rediscover and realign with your genuine desires and values. Tonic offers daily neurosensory practices specifically designed to rewire your nervous system, calm the chaos, and stop anxiety from driving your life choices.


Get instant access and start supercharging your resilience today.


*Over 700+ people in more than 40 countries around the world leaving anxiety behind


How does Tonic work?

The practices within Tonic are self-paced. Upon enrollment, you receive immediate access to the orientation videos as well as your first practice. While the practices are designed to be done sequentially over the course of 30 days, you can take longer to go through the program if you wish.

Do I receive lifetime access to the videos?

Yes, you will have lifetime access to all of the videos inside Tonic so that you can revisit any practices that you wish after the initial thirty days.

I have done years of therapy, coaching and self help but my anxiety hasn't budged. Can Tonic still help me?

Yes! Many students have spent decades and tens of thousands of dollars working on their mental health with many profound insights but no tangible change only to find that a somatic approach is the missing key to unlocking their inner peace. Check out our student success stories for examples!

I have movement limitations. Will I be able to do the practices inside Tonic?

The practices within Tonic are generally gentle and are typically done standing, seated, or lying down. If these positions cause you discomfort, you may need to modify the practices to accommodate your body.

I suffer from panic attacks, PTSD and C-PTSD. Should I enroll in Tonic?

Tonic is not designed to be a treatment for panic attacks, PTSD or C-PTSD. While it may be helpful and supportive to implement the practices within Tonic as a part of an integrated healing approach, it's best to talk with your licensed physician or mental health provider to determine the appropriateness of somatic practices for your individual needs.

I have a chronic health condition. Can Tonic help me?

Tonic guides you through gentle practices that are designed to bring your nervous system back to regulation. Tonic is not intended to treat any medical condition. However, as a regulated nervous system is the cornerstone of health, many chronic conditions benefit from nervous system healing. It is best to speak with your qualified physician to determine whether Tonic is appropriate in your individual case.


“Thank you for all your wisdom and support. Sukie, you've healed me! There is no other way I can put this. Yes, life continues to be life, yes stress will always be there and yes we live in times not conducive to connection - but, I feel I am able to feel so much lighter about the burdens of the world and not try to solve it all, all at once. I found my place, I can laugh at it all, I can enjoy people, I can enjoy hard work, the imperfect journey that life is, and I feel like I have so much to give. I don't beat myself up. I see I'm human with a biology and a history but also a huge potential. This is a totally different story to the one I came to this apprenticeship with. Thank you for helping me change it from the bottom of my heart.”

KATARINA, client