Finally, At Home Exercises To Relieve Pain That Actually Work!



Tired Of Chasing The Symptoms Of Pain Without Ever Getting To The Root Cause?

If your body feels older than your mind, you wake up stiff and achy in the morning or you’d like relief for any of the following:

  • Stiff Neck
  • Aching Back
  • Burning Feet
  • Tight Hips
  • Sore Shoulders
  • Tense Muscles
  • Stress And Anxiety
  • Lack Of Flexibility
  • TMJ And Jaw Pain
  • Inability To Relax

...but you don’t want to take pain pills and aren’t getting the relief you crave through stretching and massage, the truth is you’re not alone.

Did you know that up to 20% of US adults experience chronic pain? (That’s over 65 MILLION people!)

As of 2011, the Institute of Medicine reported that more people suffer from chronic pain than from diabetes, cancer and heart disease combined, and called pain a “public health crisis.”

The healthcare costs from back pain alone total at least $50 billion annually just in the US.

But despite the prevalence of pain conditions, our treatments and therapies remain woefully inadequate:

When it comes to drugs, as of 2017 there were an average of more than 5,400 new prescription pain reliever addictions initiated each day in the US.

Even more terrifying, only 20-30% of spinal fusion surgeries for lower back pain are successful, which means that there is a 70-80% failure rate.

Even the research linking stretching to pain relief is weak, at best. (More on that in a minute, though!)

The horrible outcome of all this is that 40% of chronic pain sufferers are unable to find relief while 60% believe that pain is just something you have to live with. 28% report that they feel there is no solution to their chronic pain.

The fact is that sore, aching muscles and joints affect nearly every adult at some point in their lives. At best, they’re annoying and uncomfortable.

At worst, they zap your energy, sabotage your sleep and force you to quit doing the activities you love.

It’s frustrating, but true. However, there is a solution.

Imagine For A Moment:

  • Sleeping peacefully, waking up refreshed and being ready to take on the day with vigor
  • Being able to play your favorite sports without having to nurse aching muscles and joints for days or weeks afterward
  • Finally letting go of all the stress and tension in your shoulders
  • Turning your head while driving before you change lanes and realizing you don’t have to twist your whole body to look over your shoulder
  • Spending a whole day at work without being distracted by aching shoulders and a stiff neck
  • Falling asleep at night and not waking up once with stabbing pain or numbness radiating down your arms
  • Being able to stand up straight -- no more hunched shoulders!
  • Getting rid of the constant tension headache that makes it hard to focus at work or be present with your family
  • Being able to sit, stand and move fluidly and gracefully
  • No longer avoiding activities because you hurt too much
  • Not having to brace yourself before your daughter flings herself into your arms because you’re afraid your back is going to seize up with the impact
  • No more feeling guilty and like a terrible parent when it’s time to walk upstairs at night to tuck your kiddos into bed and all you really want to do is stay on the couch with a heating pad
  • Not having to schlepp to dozens of monthly appointments just to keep your rickety body somewhat functional

How much would this change your life?

And what would that transformation be worth to you?

Now, suppose you could watch some short, simple videos and follow a few practical, proven exercises, and then discover all your aches, pains and stress melting away…

Sound too good to be true?

I hear you. It’s easy to assume that something so life changing has to be complicated, time consuming and expensive.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be…if you understand just a few basic principles about how tension really works (most advice on stretching gets this one totally wrong) that can unlock your muscles, relieve aches and pains (even if you have had them for YEARS), and help you to function better.

You see, movement is medicine. How you sit, stand and move your body affects how you feel. Move well and you will feel like you’re ten years younger.

But if you continue to use the same movement patterns that got you to where you are today, I can promise you that in ten years’ time, you’ll only feel more stiff, more achy and more exhausted!

Most people just call this aging, but I promise you, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Think about it. But first…

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen?

By now you might be asking yourself why you should listen to me and what makes me an authority on helping people move and live without pain? Good question! Here’s the answer. My name is Sukie Baxter.

I’m a Certified Rolfer, Licensed Massage Therapist, equestrian and athlete with more than fifteen years of clinical experience completing thousands — yes, thousands! — of hands-on posture and movement therapy sessions.

I have worked with clients literally from all walks of life -- stay at home dog moms (yes, that’s a thing) and Amazon employees who spend their lives in front of a computer, entrepreneurs and business executives who travel nonstop, fashion designers and hair stylists with repetitive strain injuries, children with scoliosis, car accident victims, equestrians, dancers and runners, liver transplant recipients and the list goes on.

But at the basis of all of these clients’ complaints is one, core issue: tension and pain that prevented them from standing tall, moving freeling and living their life with ease and comfort.

After their sessions, every client asks me the same question: how can I keep my body feeling this loose and limber at home?

The truth is that I’ve found few helpful resources for these clients online. Most stretching exercises use entirely the wrong approach which runs counter to how muscle tension actually works. And they don’t understand the most cutting edge research in pain management so the exercises are outdated and ineffective at best -- and downright dangerous at worst.

A word on all that cutting edge pain science…

I have spend more than a decade and a half studying human movement and pain relief, and in that time, I’ve found that a lot of the best and most useful info out there is buried beneath layers of jargon and scientific explanations that most ordinary people with, you know, jobs and lives, don’t have the time or energy to wade through and make sense of.

As a result, I’ve found myself repeating the same advice from client to client in order to help them keep their bodies relaxed and limber, but the reality is that I can only work with one person at a time.

So, I finally decided to film a series of videos so my clients could have at-home guided exercises to support the work we do in sessions, and so people who don’t have the opportunity to work with me can still benefit from what I’ve learned.

That’s why I created Movement Bites: Release Pain And Tension While Also Calming Stress And Anxiety

I set out to create the most effective, easy to follow exercises that address five key areas of the body where stress and tension are held. I’ve gone through all the hard work of figuring out what really works so that you don’t have to learn by trial and error.

(Because who has time for that?!)

These five "bit sized" videos give you a ten to twenty minute movement practice that you can use to calm your nervous system and break up the tension in your muscles.

So whether you’re looking for a way to…

  • Move better and more freely
  • Experience less physical pain
  • Stand up straighter
  • Heal from old injuries
  • Sleep peacefully and wake up refreshed
  • Feel happier and less stressed
  • Have more energy
  • Decrease anxiety
  • Improve your productivity and mental focus
  • Feel younger and slow the effects of aging on your muscles and joints
  • Move with ease and grace
  • Think more clearly

You will experience it when you practice the Movement Bites exercises.

These exercises aren’t just your basic stretches. They are designed to break up neural habits of tension, release stored trauma in your body and calm your nervous system.

Most stretching practices focus on aggressively pulling your muscles longer as though they were a too-short rubber band.

But actually, it’s not the muscle that’s tight. It’s your brain.

Muscles become tight because your nervous system, i.e. your brain, sends a signal for the muscle to contract. Over the course of your life, you develop a set of movement habits that you use on repeat.

These develop from a number of different sources -- your daily activities, accidents and injuries, surgeries, etc, can all form movement habits. But so can emotional scars, traumas, and beliefs about ourselves.

Over time, these movement habits become deeply ingrained and involuntary to the point where you can no longer consciously relax if you try, resulting in pain, stiffness and limited mobility.

Conventional stretching alone is insufficient to repattern these habits. To get lasting results, you have to get to the root level: your nervous system.

And this is exactly what Movement Bites are designed to do.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll feel your body relaxing, muscle tension melting away and pain decreasing — all within a matter of minutes. Then you’ll be astonished when after a few weeks of practice you find yourself feeling happier, lighter and more energetic. 

I know it sounds almost too good to be true, but that’s how powerful these simple practices can be. Literally in a few months you could be experiencing the benefits of better movement on your physical and mental health!

Here Are The Practices You'll Receive In Movement Bites:

These practices address stress and tension in five key areas of the body.

Supple Spine

Exercises to improve posture, relieve back pain and increase flexibility

Fantastic Feet

Exercises for foot pain and mobility.

Happy Hips

Exercises to relieve tight hips and improve hip mobility.

Shoulder Saver

Exercises for shoulder strength, mobility and pain relief

No More Neck Pain

Exercises to relieve pain and tension in your neck, shoulders and face

Okay, So What's The Bottom Line?

That’s easy. You probably already know that most people don’t fix their problems and health related issues until it’s nearly too late, by then the cost to reverse the damage can vary from thousands of dollars in treatments and appointments to prescription pain pills with dangerous side effects and the risk of addiction -- or you could be facing an invasive surgery.

But I urge you to not wait until it’s too late. You also know that researching this yourself would take years of slogging through articles and studies and piles of data, and it could cost you thousands of dollars as you are no-doubt going to find yourself testing out a lot of bogus theories while heading down roads that lead to dead ends and frustration (or worse: injury).

You could continue to see multiple practitioners that give you temporary results at best, throwing hundreds or even thousands of dollars at the problem while wasting away dozens of hours traveling to and from appointments, potentially even missing work and losing productivity.

And not to mention the cost on your mental health! Living with pain is debilitating, exhausting, and demoralizing. It can leave you feeling depressed and unmotivated, not to mention how it sabotages your ability to work and live.

Of course, you could travel to work with me in person at my practice in Seattle, but the cost for sessions is $250, and most clients need multiple sessions to see long term results.

But your investment for receiving these life-changing exercises which give you exactly what you need to start alleviating your pain today is only $159.

Even better, because it’s delivered digitally, you can start these practices instantly!

I Want You To Be Completely Happy With These Exercises...

So I’m giving you a FULL 7 DAYS to try them out. 

Go through the whole series. Do the practices. Feel the results. And in the unlikely event that you don’t love them?

Just send me an email and I’ll cheerfully refund your money.

Are You Ready To Heal Your Pain For Good?

If you’re tired of chasing the symptoms of pain without ever getting to the root cause, of being told by doctors and medical professionals that there’s nothing really “wrong” and it’s all just “part of getting older,” or if your body feels older than your mind, you wake up stiff and achy in the morning and you want a natural, whole-body solution to pain, you don’t have a moment to lose. 

Make the buying decision right now that can transform your posture, movement and life and provide an immediate solution to all your aches and pains. Is there a better investment you can make than your health? Click the buy button below to order now for only $159.

You will immediately receive an email with your log in credentials so that you can access the videos right away inside of our secure members portal, whether you use a PC or a Mac. You can literally be doing these amazing exercises 60 seconds from now.

P.S. Remember, even if you’re simply curious, go ahead and order “Movement Bites: Release Pain And Tension While Also Calming Stress And Anxiety” today. You have a full 7 days to go through all the videos and if you’re not 100% satisfied that you’ve received life transforming practices that you can apply immediately to change your body for the better, then I’ll refund your money back with no questions asked. What could be fairer?

P.P.S.One more thing – it’s very important! Seriously, don’t leave this until it’s too late. Far too many people are suffering unnecessarily with physical pain and discomfort, brain fog, poor sleep and even mood disorders that sabotage your health and increase your risk of risk of surgery by putting off what can be solved today — naturally! The only risk that you take is by not making a decision now to see how quickly breaking up stress and tension in your body improves your physical and mental health. Take full advantage of my 7 day money back guarantee, benefit from all the practices and learn how you can heal your aches and pains. Click the link below to receive everything now, risk-free:

Sukie totally changed my life. I was a super active human with a super annoying injury that left me in tears more times than not. After about 6 months, my range of motion was restored and I could finally sleep at night without being in immense pain. Two years later, I have zero pain in the area where I previously could not go a day without being miserable.